Eppan an der Weinstraße / Appiano s. Strada del Vino

Eppan / Appiano is situated along the South Tyrol's famous Wine Route, and is part of the vacation region of Southern South Tyrol. The community encompasses the villages of St. Michael, St. Pauls, Girlan / Cornaiano, Frangart / Frangarto, Montiggl / Monticolo, Missian / Missiano, Unterrain / Riva di Sotto, Perdonig / Predonico, and Gaid / Gaido. Eppan / Appiano as the largest wine-growing town boasts more medieval fortresses than any other region in South Tyrol. In autumn, you might like to try the quaint custom of "törggelen" in Eppan / Appiano and sample local specialties. In summer, Lake Kaltern / Lago di Caldaro and Lake Montiggl / Monticolo are great places to go swimming. The area around Eppan / Appiano features numerous scenic hiking trails and bicycle paths. Bozen / Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, is not far. The capital is convenient to reach and the "Ötzi – Iceman" Museum is definitely worth a visit. What better place to spend your vacation in South Tyrol. Here you'll find the "right" lodgings for your holiday in Southern South Tyrol. Go online now and book hotels, pensions, holiday homes, and Bed & Breakfasts in Eppan / Appiano and the settlements of Girlan / Cornaiano, St. Michael, Frangart / Frangarto, or St. Pauls.