Hotel Ciasa Tamá


Str. Plaön 14, 39036 La Villa

94 / 100

65 Reviews

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The name “Tamà” means sheep shelter and originally there was a small shelter next to the house. The house, as we know it nowadays, was built in 1953 and every year we add a little piece of history. In 1995 the characteristic Hotel Ciasa Tamàtower was built with his tower suites. In 1998 the Spa was built and in 2009 the Water Paradise for children was added The last change was made in the spring of 2013 with new hall and living room. One can almost say that every year, the Bernardi Family adds a piece of history to their house. That the Hotel Ciasa Tamà is a family-run hotel, you recognized from the first moment: we feel immediately the warmth of family and the preservation of traditions in every detail! Family Bernardi



  • Elevator
  • Public bar
  • Residence bar
  • Playroom
  • Internet access in room/apartment
  • No pets or domestic animals
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Choice of menus possible
  • Wellness
  • Massages
  • Steam bath
  • Swimming pool (outdoor or indoor)
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free access to Sauna
  • Parking facility/Garage

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