Bozen Zentrum / Bolzano Centro

Bozen / Bolzano is the provincial capital of South Tyrol and is part of the vacation region of Southern South Tyrol. Bozen / Bolzano is also the meeting-place of two cultural regions in South Tyrol – it's where the German-language area borders the Italian-speaking area. Bozen / Bolzano has a rich cultural life – there are numerous museums here, including the "Ötzi – Iceman" Museum. In the "Old Town" section of the city, you can go on extended shopping sprees. Or you might wish to go exploring the environs of Bozen / Bolzano on foot – there are hiking trails galore. One especially exciting event is the annual Christmas Market in Bozen / Bolzano. And in May, you can attend the Bozen / Bolzano Wine-Tasting Festival, where visitors can sample more than 300 local wines. Go online now and book a hotel in Bozen / Bolzano for a splendid vacation in South Tyrol.