Graun im Vinschgau / Curon Venosta

Graun / Corona in the Vinschgau / Venosta Valley, famed for its church steeple protruding from the Reschen / Resia Lake, is located in the tri-national area of Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. The impressive Alpine backdrop will make your vacation in South Tyrol a memorable one – regardless as to whether you prefer to go skiing on the Haider Alm or Schöneben, or go hiking in the mountains of the Vinschgau / Venosta Valley. The Via Claudia Augusta is a tempting destination for many bicyclists – it is one of the most-famous bicycle routes in Europe. Here you can find out all you need to select the "right" lodgings for your vacation in the Vinschgau / Venosta Valley: Hotels and Residence for Graun / Corona at Reschen / Resia Pass. Online booking is quick and easy on the booking portal !