Girlan / Cornaiano

Girlan / Cornaiano is part of the community of Eppan / Appiano, which comprises the villages of St. Michael / San Michele, Frangart / Frangarto, Gaid / Gaido, Girlan / Cornaiano, Missian / Missiano, Montiggl / Monticolo, Perdonig / Predonico, St. Pauls / San Paolo, and Unterrain / Riva di Sotto. Girlan / Cornaiano is situated on the left side of the South Tyrolean Wine Route and thus enjoys a tremendous amount of sunshine – as well as boasting an unbelievable panoramic view. There are lots of vineyards and wineries here, and practically everything revolves around South Tyrolean wine. From Girlan / Cornaiano, it's just a short trip to the Montiggl / Monticolo Lake, where you can stretch out and relax in summer. The village is the starting-point for several hiking routes and mountainbike tours. Go online now and place your reservations for accommodations in Girlan / Cornaiano – for your vacation in South Tyrol. Here you'll find, e.g., your 5-star hotel for a wonderful stay in beautiful South Tyrol.