Meran / Merano

The resort city of Meran / Merano in South Tyrol lies on the floor of a valley into which three large valleys merge. Meran / Merano is well known for its good air and mild, Mediterranean climate.

On your winter holiday in South Tyrol, you can go skiing and snowboarding in the Meran / Merano 2000 ski area. In summer, the area around Meran / Merano offers endless opportunities for hiking. The city itself has a wide range of cultural offerings: The Trauttmansdorff Castle in Meran / Merano is one of the highlights.

In September, the "Grand Prize of Meran / Merano Forest" is held – the high point of the racing season at the racetracks. And in November, there are lots of excellent wines and delicious local dishes at the "Meran / Merano International Wine Festival". Here you can find a wealth of information about accommodations for your holiday in Meran / Merano – including many wellness hotels. You can find hotels, residences, pensions, vacation apartments, and Bed & Breakfasts in every category and for every taste in the nearby communities of Algund / Lagundo, Dorf Tirol / Tirolo, Marling / Marlengo, and Lana, as well as Schenna / Scena, Naturns / Naturno, Burgstall / Postal, or Gargazon / Gargazzone. It's easy and free of charge to make your reservations online.