The small village Morter, located in the Venosta Valley and part of the municipality Latsch is considered the door to the Stelvio National Park. Above the historic mountain village throne the two castles Montani und Untermontani. Another attraction of Morter is the castle chapel St. Stephen, a must for culturally interested people.

Visiting Venosta Valley

Near Morter, is the Martelltala real paradise for all active holidaymakers. Countless hiking trails and mountain bike tours can be undertaken here. Waal paths along the old watercourses are a highlight for the whole family. In winter the Martelltal is ideal for ski touring. In the near of St. Maria in der Schmelz, you can find the Ski-und Biathlon center.

Stelvio National Park

If you will stay in the village Morter, you should definitely plan at least one day in the Stelvio National Park. The National Park is one of the biggest nature reserves in the entire Alpine region. Taking a walk you will pass dense forests, gushing torrents, and glaciers. The mountain pass (Stelvio Pass) itself is also a highlight. It’s Italy's highest mountain pass and has 48 hairpin bends! particularly popular is the panoramic road for cyclists.