Naturns / Naturno

Naturns / Naturno: An idyllic village surrounded by the Vinschgau / Venosta Valley. Naturns / Naturno is the village with the most hours of sunshine in all of South Tyrol. What better place to relax and spend a carefree holiday in South Tyrol? It features an extensive network of hiking trails – and bicyclists will likewise find plenty of bike routes. Naturns is part of the Meran / Merano vacation region, and is the perfect place for your wellness vacation in South Tyrol – there are a lot of wellness hotels to choose from. Here you can obtain a complete overview of lodgings in South Tyrol: It's convenient and fast to go online and book vacation apartments and hotels in Naturns / Naturno and Staben / Stava, Tschirland / Cirlano, and Tabland / Tablà on Booking Südtirol.