Oberbozen / Soprabolzano

Oberbozen / Sopra Bolzano in South Tyrol is part of the community of Ritten / Renon, and lies on a sun-drenched high-altitude plateau. From this high-altitude plateau, you have a wonderful view of the Dolomites. At the same time, it's very near the provincial capital of Bozen / Bolzano, which can be reached via the new Ritten / Renon aerial tram connection between Ritten / Renon and the city in just a few minutes. In summer, you can undertake an outing to the Rittner Horn and, from there, enjoy the 360° panorama of the surrounding mountains. In the winter, the Rittner Horn offers 15 km of snow-covered slopes. Go online now and select your lodgings in Oberbozen / Sopra Bolzano in South Tyrol – including beautiful hotels at the Ritten / Renon.