Reschen / Resia

The idyllic village of Reschen/Resia is located at the northern shore of the beautiful Lake Reschen/Resia at an altitude of 1,500 metres. The holiday area is situated in the tri-border region of Italy, Austria, and Switzerland and is surrounded by a breath-taking landscape.#

The drowned village

Without any doubt, Lake Resia – the biggest lake in SouthTyrol, with the steeple protruding from the water’s surface – is the village’s symbol. Once upon a time, the village of Curon/Alt-Graun and a small part of the village of Reschen were located where the lake is today. In 1950, the whole village was drowned, and the only thing still visible today is the steeple.

Nowadays, because of the perfect wind conditions, the lake is particularly popular among kite surfers. Walks and bike tours around the lake are a unique experience, too.

In winter, the lake turns into a huge natural open-air ice rink. At the western shore of Lake Reschen, there is the valley station of the Belpiano – Malga S. Valentino Ski Area. In the sunny ski area with 65 kilometres of slopes and 15 ski lifts, snow can be guaranteed until spring. Paragliders and extreme athletes enjoy their time at Malga S. Valentino, too: here, it is possible to go paragliding also during the winter months!

Magical Christmas in the Vinschgau/ Venosta Valley

The old city walls and towers of the smallest city in South Tyrol create the perfect atmosphere for a beautiful Christmas market. Traditionally, in Glurns/Glorenza, a small, idyllic Christmas market takes place every year on the second weekend in December. Don’t miss it!