Rosengarten Latemar / Catinaccio Latemar

Two impressive mountain ranges located in the heart of the Dolomites. The Rosengarten group stretches from Carezza to the Schlern mountain for a length of over 8 km. The Latemar Mountain borders on the Ega Valley in the North and the Fiemme Valley in the South. Both territories are perfect for hikes and walks, bike tours, ski experiences (ski area Carezza Ski and Ski Center Latemar) and much more. In the area of the Rosengarten group, there are numerous via ferratas and the possibility of ice climbing or snowshoeing.

Admire the alpenglow

Do you know the reason why the Rosengarten group turns pink at sunrise and sunset?

It is because of King Laurin. His castle was surrounded by a rose garden. This is where the German name Rosengarten comes from. The Dwarf King was very proud of his garden and cared very much for his roses. He was not an ordinary king given that he possessed two magical objects that gave him supernatural powers: the magic cap of invisibility and the magic belt which gave him the force of 12 men. King Laurin fell in love with princess Similde, the beautiful daughter of the “King on the River Etsch” and after putting on his magical cap he managed to steal her and take her to his castle near the rose garden. Laurin, who was invisible because of the magic cap and strong because he wore the magic belt started fighting against the sovereign of the Goths.

Laurin was hiding among the roses, but due to the movements of the roses, Dietrich noticed where he was, and tore his cap off his head. The dwarf king was defeated, and he cursed the rose garden furiously: Neither the bright day nor the dark night should ever again see the magnificence of the roses. He was so angry that he forgot about sunrise and sunset and for this reason, we can admire the reddish glow of the Rosengarten group at this time of the day. This phenomenon called enrosadira creates a magical atmosphere.


One of the best places to admire the Latemar is Lake Carezza. The surface of the shimmering blue-green lake reflects the beautiful mountain scenery. During summer, the area is perfect to go for a walk or a tour by bike or on the horseback.

In winter, we admire the snow-covered Latemar, which is simply stunning. During the festive period, the candlelight in the lanterns at Carezza Lake leads the way to the fabulous Christmas market with its particularly warm and welcoming atmosphere.