South Tyrol Balance

Spring in South Tyrol is very varied, as you can still go skiing and snowboarding in the snow-covered mountains, while the cycling paths lined by apple trees are already offering the possibility to go for long bike tours.

Discover spring with South Tyrol Balance

During this time of the year, many South Tyrolean accommodations offer a big variety of great holiday packages regarding the topic “balance”. This is meant for everybody who wants to take time for themselves and recharge their energy. “Balance” stands for equilibrium and serenity and unites peace and strength, recovery and dynamic, relaxation and adventure, calmness and engagement, harmony and energy.

Special experiences of balance with experts from all over South Tyrol help you to recharge your energy and inspire you to be more balanced in all aspects of life:

  • Forest bathing (Spending time in the forest to reduce stress and strengthen general well-beingPreparing delicious and healthy meals together
  • Working out in South Tyrolean nature
  • Breathing hikes to learn how to breath correctly
  • Learning more about healing herbs
  • Kneipp water application and much more

Go wildlife watching in the nature park St. Vigil and get to know the local flora and fauna, participate in a spring hike with picnic in an asparagus field in Nals, or a full moon hike at the Salten (Europe’s highest larch tree plateau) in Jenesien, experience the lightness of being while abseiling at the waterfall in Partschins, or do some yoga at 1,800 metres at the lake Neves in Lappach – with our balance experiences full of varied movements, healthy dishes, and pleasant relax, your body and soul will start harmonizing again.

On this website, you can find our balance packages for your holiday in South Tyrol. Make use of the cleansing effect of spring and find your balance in the mountains or in water, exploring the gastronomy or relaxing during a spa treatment.