Sustainability in South Tyrol

The Sustainability Label South Tyrol

The Sustainability Label South Tyrol is based on the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) with the aim to make sustainability visible in South Tyrol through a specific certification. The sustainability model that has been adopted in South Tyrol is divided into a three-level-model and every level meets specific criteria. The South Tyrolean accommodation facilities can prove their sustainability based on nine criteria. Given that the path to sustainability is a long process, accommodation businesses can gradually rise to a more sustainable level. The aim of this project is to make tourism in South Tyrol environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The three-level-model

The Sustainability Label is divided into three levels. For each level, different prerequisites from the areas of Management, Socio-economy, Culture, and Ecology must be met. The fulfillment of the criteria is verified in each case by an audit. The third and highest level corresponds to the internationally recognized GSTC certification.

Sustainability label for accommodation facilities

Increasingly, more and more accommodation facilities recognize the importance of a sustainable future and want to contribute to it. For this reason, nine sustainability criteria for accommodation facilities have been defined that serve as a basis for obtaining the sustainability label. The nine criteria for a sustainable accommodation are: action plan, communication, employees, purchase, mobility, resource consumption, waste, construction, and culture & tradition.

Sustainable accommodations