Terlan / Terlano

Terlan / Terlano, famous for its wine, apples, and asparagus – especially in the spring, there are lots of festive events related to asparagus. Those are only some of the reasons that the region around Terlan / Terlano and its two settlements of Vilpian / Vilpiano and Siebeneich / Settequerce is called the "Golden Asparagus Triangle". Here in Terlan / Terlano, you can go strolling or hiking the whole year through – the Terlan / Terlano Wine Route is especially charming. If you would like to experience culture during your vacation, then you definitely should undertake an outing to Bozen / Bolzano. The city boasts several museums (for example, the "Ötzi / Iceman" Museum). The centre of the provincial capital abounds with shops and boutiques for enjoyable shopping sprees, as well as cosy bars and cafes where you can stop for a coffee. Here you'll find all the information you need to select the "right" lodging for your holiday in South Tyrol: Hotels, pensions, and residences in Terlan / Terlano and the settlements of Vilpian / Vilpiano and Siebeneich / Settequerce. Online booking is easy on Booking Südtirol!