Tisens / Tesimo

Tisens / Tesimo, situated on a sun-drenched elevation between Meran / Merano and Bozen / Bolzano, is part of the Meran / Merano vacation region. The community of Tisens comprises the villages of Tisens / Tesimo, Naraun / Narano, Prissian / Prissiano, Grissian / Grissiano, Gfrill / Caprile, Platzers / Plazzoles, and Schernag. Tisens / Tesimo and Prissian / Prissiano are frequently referred to collectively as Burgendorf – the village abounds with historical buildings. Especially during the time of the traditional "törggelen", Tisens is a great place to visit – then you can treat yourself to fresh chestnuts and many other culinary specialties and sample the good wine. Here you can find out everything you need to know about lodgings for your vacation in South Tyrol: Go online now and book your hotels and pensions in Tisens and the settlements of Prissian / Prissiano, Naraun / Narano, Gfrill / Caprile, Platzers / Plazzoles, and Grissian / Grissiano.