Ultental / Val d’Ultimo

The picturesque Ulten Valley, with its natural landscape, is located close to Merano. San Pancrazio/St. Pankraz, Santa Valburga/St. Walburg, San Nicolò/St. Nikolaus and Santa Gertrude/St. Gertraud are the villages of this beautiful Valley. Typical for this area are the stunning alpine pastures, the green meadows, the deep forests, the clear mountain lakes, and the high hills. Historical, traditional farmhouses adorn the green valley and hand-woven fences made of larch twigs surrounds the pastures. Farmers still run their alpine pastures in the same way as the previous generation did. Many products are cultivated in their own garden or take it from the farmer in the neighbourhood.

The Schwemmalm

All year round the family-friendly ski and hiking area attracts children and adults. Directly from the small village of Pracupola /Kuppelwies you can reach the Schwemmalm by cable car.

In summer there are numerous marked hiking and walking trails and challenging summit tours, all with unique and breathtaking views of the Dolomites. The new “Waldbrunnenweg” on the Schwemmalm is an ideal hiking trail for the whole family and promises a lot of fun for young and old! It was conceived as a circular hiking trail and along the route and there are numerous resting places with child-friendly adventure games.

In winter the hiking area is transformed into a family-friendly skiing area for beginners and professionals. Several perfectly groomed slopes invite you to ski and snowboard. There are also several snowshoe routes for hikers.

Highlights in the Ulten Valley

In the near of the village Santa Gertude/St. Gertraud stands three approximately 2,000-year-old ancient larches, which are considered to be the oldest conifers in Europe.

Every year in July the famous Ultental Valley farm run takes place, where you can see while running traditional farmhouses, steep meadows, and deep forests. And at the end of September, the valley celebrates the “Lamb Weeks” where they prepare delicious, traditional dishes for you to pamper your palate.