Gift vouchers: General Terms and Conditions

1. General Terms and Conditions for the purchase of Booking Südtirol vouchers

1.1 These Terms and Conditions govern the sale by distance contract of Booking Südtirol vouchers, which can be purchased online on the website.

1.2 Owner and operator of the website is HGV-Service Genossenschaft with registered office in 39100 Bolzano (BZ), Via Macello 59, tax number and commercial register number IT00576540215.

2. Definitions

2.1 For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the meaning specified below:

Voucher: The non-personalised shopping voucher which can only be used for the purchase of services expressly and directly offered on the website;

Seller of the vouchers is Yanovis srl with registered office in 39100 Bolzano (BZ), Via Ipazia 2 (NOI Techpark, building D1), tax number and commercial register number IT02980170217;

Buyer: The person ordering or buying the voucher. The data used for identifying the buyer is listed in the “buyer information” requested to complete the order;

Recipient: The natural person that receives the voucher from the buyer;

Website: The website accessible at;

Consumer Protection Code: Italian legislative decree 206/2005;

Conditions: The present General Terms and Conditions.

3. Conditions of purchase and subject matter of the contract

3.1 The contract is concluded between the buyer and the seller and comes into effect upon successful payment of the voucher. By purchasing the voucher, the buyer accepts these General Terms and Conditions.
4. Order and payment

4.1 The order is made telematically on the website and paid for by credit card. The buyer guarantees that the data provided when ordering the voucher is correct and complete: It is strictly forbidden for the buyer to provide false and/or invented and/or fictitious and/or third-party data when completing the order.

4.2 The paid voucher is sent to the buyer in digital form by e-mail (postal delivery is not possible) to the address provided by the buyer in the “buyer information” section of the ordering process and can be printed out immediately.

4.3 The voucher features a unique QR code and/or number code that can only be used once and is required for redeeming the voucher. The buyer and/or recipient is expressly warned and declares to be aware of the unique voucher code that allows anyone to redeem the voucher on the website: This QR code and/or number code must therefore be carefully stored by the buyer or recipient of the voucher.

4.4 The buyer and/or recipient is responsible for storing or using the original voucher. No liability is accepted for any misuse of the voucher. The seller is not liable for any loss, theft, damage, destruction or misuse of the voucher: The voucher cannot be cancelled and/or replaced and the amount cannot be refunded, not even by issuing a new voucher. Vouchers obtained fraudulently or illegally are considered void, ineffective, and unsuitable for the purchase of the services offered on the website, whereby the seller reserves the right to claim damages.

5. Prices and products

5.1 The purchased and ordered voucher cannot be redeemed in cash in full or in part, does not entitle to cash disbursements, and cannot be used to purchase other vouchers.

5.2 The voucher can be redeemed in full or part (if the voucher value is higher than the booking value). The voucher is only valid if the amount owed has been paid in full and the payment has been successful. The voucher is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. After the expiry date, the voucher can no longer be used or redeemed, even if it has not been redeemed at all or just in part.

6. Use of the voucher

6.1 Once the purchase has been completed, the voucher is sent telematically to the buyer, who can use it themselves or gift it to another recipient. The recipient is also authorised to pass the voucher on to another natural person (holder). The buyer is responsible for informing the recipient of the Terms and Conditions in question, which are published on the website and can be accessed there.

6.2 The voucher is a bearer instrument, is not issued in a specific person’s name, cannot be recharged, and is intended exclusively for the personal use of the respective holder.

6.3 The holder of the voucher is the person who is the first to use it, even if just partially (see sections 4.3 and 5.2).

6.4 In accordance with section 4.3 of these Terms and Conditions, the buyer and recipient are expressly informed that the voucher features a QR code or number code and can be redeemed in full or in part. The knowledge and use of such a unique barcode makes it possible to redeem the voucher in full, after which it can then no longer be used.

6.5 The seller, Yanovis srl, as well as the suppliers cannot be held liable if the person redeeming the voucher, which is non-personalised, is not the buyer or recipient (see sections 4.3, 4.4, 6.2, 6.3).

6.6 Neither the seller nor the operator of the website is responsible for any disagreements or possible disputes between the buyer and the recipient or holder.

6.7 The owner and operator of the website is responsible for any customer service required by the buyer of the voucher. Customer service can be contacted by e-mail via or by telephone on +39 0471 317700 or by post (HGV-Service Genossenschaft, Via Macello 59, 39100 Bolzano).

6.8 The seller of the vouchers can be contacted at the following addresses: Yanovis GmbH, Via Ipazia 239100 Bolzano;, +39 0471 1886773.

7. Right of withdrawal

7.1 Only the buyer, and not the recipient or holder, may exercise the right of cancellation within 14 days from the date of issue of the voucher by written notice to the seller, without giving reasons and without penalty, in accordance with art. 52 of the Italian Consumer Code. Any cancellation will result in a refund of the voucher already paid for within 30 days. The right of cancellation can no longer be exercised if the voucher has been redeemed in full or in part within the 14-day period from the date of issue of the voucher (see section 5.2).

8. Privacy policy

8.1 The buyer declares to be responsible for the communication of their personal data and for the possible indication of the name of the recipient during the telematic ordering process. By purchasing the voucher, the buyer tacitly accepts this condition. All information about the processing of personal data and cookies is available at

9. Applicable law

The contractual relationship between the contracting parties shall be governed exclusively by Italian law. The place of jurisdiction is Bolzano.